Amatrice Pecorino Tartufo, 2.2 lb.

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Amatrice Pecorino Tartufo is a creamy, crumbly Italian Pecorino cheese that has been infused with black truffle flakes. The black truffle gives the Amatrice Pecorino an earthy, irresistible taste and aroma reminiscent of the Italian woods. Enjoy Amatrice Pecorino Tartufo with honey, grated on pasta, or even melted. Red wine is the best wine to pair with this type of Italian cheese. Once you fall in love with Amatrice Pecorino Tartufo, do yourself a favor and buy the 1.7 lb size!

Pasteurized sheep milk, rennet, salt, lactic ferments, summer truffle - Tuber Aestivum Vitt

2.2 lb.


Amatrice Pecorino Al Tartufo Label

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