Amatrice Pecorino with Hemp Seeds, 14 oz

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Enjoy this grassy Pecorino Cheese flavored with Hemp Seeds

Add this Italian cheese to cacio e pepe or any of your favorite pasta dishes.

Sample on a cheese board with fruit and wine.

The master cheesemakers at Amatrice craft their Italian cheeses using methods that are steeped in centuries-old tradition. The Amatrice Pecorino with Hemp Seeds is a salty cheese made from sheep's milk. During production, hemp seeds are stirred into the curds, giving this type of cheese nutty, grassy notes.

Pair this pecorino on a charcuterie board with cured salmon and a glass of Chianti wine. Enjoy it alongside pecorino romano, pecorino siciliano, and parmigiano reggiano on an Italian cheese platter. Or simply grate it over your favorite pastas, salads, and pizzas.

Pastuerized milk, salt, hemp seeds, enzymes, rennet

400 grams (14.1 oz)


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