Antica Salina Sea Salt Coarse with Grinder, 3.53 oz

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This natural sea salt maintains elements found in seawater, such as magnesium, iodine, and potassium

Antica Salina Sea Salt with Grinder will bring out the flavors of your favorite dishes.

Grind the salt over roasted vegetables, meats, and potatoes

Antica Salina Sea Salt Coarse with Grinder, a 3.53 oz jar of pure culinary excellence. Harvested from the pristine waters surrounding the ancient salt pans of Trapani, Sicily, this coarse sea salt delivers an authentic taste of the Mediterranean. With its convenient built-in grinder, you can effortlessly sprinkle the perfect amount of flavorful salt on your dishes.

Antica Salina Sea Salt Coarse is a testament to the rich tradition of Sicilian salt production. The salt pans of Trapani have been worked by skilled artisans for generations, resulting in a salt that is both exceptional in taste and full of natural minerals. The coarse texture adds a delightful crunch and enhances the flavors of your favorite recipes.

With the built-in grinder, you have complete control over the coarseness of the salt crystals, allowing you to customize the texture to suit your culinary needs. Whether you're seasoning meats, adding a finishing touch to roasted vegetables, or enhancing the flavor of your homemade sauces, the Antica Salina Sea Salt Coarse with Grinder ensures that every dish is infused with the authentic taste of Sicily.

This 3.53 oz jar is perfectly sized for your kitchen countertop or to take with you on your culinary adventures. The elegant packaging reflects the quality and authenticity of the product within, making it an ideal gift for food enthusiasts and those who appreciate the finest ingredients.

Experience the essence of Sicilian cuisine with Antica Salina Sea Salt Coarse with Grinder. Let the flavors of the Mediterranean elevate your cooking to new heights. Embrace the tradition of Trapani's salt pans and savor the exceptional taste and natural minerals of this coarse sea salt. Order your jar today and unlock a world of flavor with each twist of the grinder.

3.53 oz (100 grams)

Sea Salt

Packed in Italy

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