Argo Corn Starch, 16 oz

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Argo Corn Starch is a convenient way to thicken sauces

Mix this pure corn starch with wheat flour to fry meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes.

Use this gluten-free starch as a thickening agent for stews, soups, gravy sauces, and more.

Argo Corn Starch can be used to bake, thicken sauces, fry foods, and more. Add this 100% pure corn starch to marinades and stir-fry recipes to give sauces a rich texture. Mix this starch with regular wheat flour in cake recipes for a softer dessert dish. Use it to thicken pie fillings.

To thicken sauces and broths, mix a tablespoon of starch with two tablespoons of water at room temperature to prepare a slurry. Then, add this starch slurry to your sauce in small amounts to achieve the desired consistency.


Corn Starch


16 oz


Product of USA

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