Armando Spaghetti Pasta, 16 oz

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Enjoy this Spaghetti Pasta with light or creamy sauces

Armando pastas are made traditionally with Italian wheat flour.

Use these spaghetti noodles to prepare any of your favorite pasta dishes.

Armando Spaghetti Pasta contains authentic Italian noodles made with durum wheat semolina flour. Simply boil these long noodles in salted water until al dente before draining the pasta. Then, mix the cooked pasta with your favorite creamy or light pasta sauces.

For a simple side dish, prepare these Italian pasta noodles with chopped parsley, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and garlic. Or make a spicy pasta recipe with cooked spaghetti,  red pepper flakes, and ground beef in a rich tomato sauce. It's even better when topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

You can also use these noodles to make zesty pasta salads. There are virtually endless ways to enjoy this classic Italian pasta noodle. For a delicious Italian dinner, pair this pasta with freshly baked bread and your preferred bottle of wine.


Durum wheat semolina


16 oz


Product of Italy

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