Aux Anysetiers du Roy Dark Chocolate Fondue with Fleur de Sel in Ceramic Jar, 7oz

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This Dark Chocolate Fondue is packaged in a ceramic pot

The ceramic container keeps this French chocolate fondue warm and smooth for around 45 minutes after heating.

Enjoy this mildly salty chocolate fondue with fresh fruit, crackers, or even pound cake.

Aux Anysetiers du Roy Dark Chocolate Fondue with Fleur de Sel is a rich, bittersweet chocolate with French sea salt in a ceramic jar. After this fondue chocolate is melted, it's smooth and warm for at least 45 minutes thanks to the ceramic fondue pot container, so you can enjoy your dessert without having to get up and reheat it! It's perfect for dinner parties.

This dark chocolate fondue with sea salt goes well with all summer and winter fruits. Enjoy with slices of pound cake for an extra rich dessert. Dip fresh and dried fruit. Or try this high-quality chocolate with marshmallows and graham crackers for a s'more-inspired course.

You can even toss in a few white chocolate chips for an indulgent blend of light and dark chocolate. Pair with a bottle of dessert wine and savor this gourmet French chocolate fondue.


Cocoa Paste, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Fleur de Sel (0.8%), Vanilla Natural Aroma


7 oz


Product of France


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