Badia Natural Herbs Tea Bags, 10 Tea Bags - 1.3g Each Bag

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Badia Natural Senna Tea is an herbal laxative

These senna tea bags contain a caffeine-free herbal tea.

This container contains 10 tea bags of senna leaf tea.

Badia Natural Herbs Tea Bags contains a caffeine-free herbal tea with a sweet flavor and mildly bitter finish. This tea consists of 100% Cassia Acutifolia, the leaves of the senna plant. This tea acts as a natural laxative. It originated in Egypt and has been used as an herbal laxative for centuries.

To consume, simply brew and drink this tea as you would any other variety. You can drink senna tea plain. Or add a spoonful of honey to give this herbal tea a subtle sweetness.

Note that this tea is intended for short-term use.


100% Cassia Acutifolia. 


10 Tea Bags - 1.3g Each Bag


Product of USA


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