Badia Pepper Ground Black, 7 oz

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This Ground Black Pepper is a must-have spice

This versatile pepper adds a piquant finish to meat, vegetarian, and seafood dishes.

Try this black pepper in a variety of dry rubs and marinades for grilled and roasted meats.

Badia Ground Black Pepper is a convenient and versatile spice with a bold flavor. These ground black peppercorns can be used to season a wide variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian recipes. With only salt being more important, pepper is an essential ingredient in just about any kitchen.

Add this black pepper to a dry rub for steak, pork chops, or chicken thighs before grilling. Try it in a marinade with fresh herbs and garlic. Enjoy a salmon dish with lemon and a generous amount of pepper. Use a dash of these ground peppercorns to add a layer of spice to a pasta recipe. Or pair this pepper with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar for a zesty and piquant salad dressing.


Black pepper


7 oz (198.4)


Product of USA


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