Balconi Trancetto Snack Cakes with Cocoa Cream Filling, 9.9 oz

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Balconi Trancetto Snack Cakes with Cocoa Cream Filling are Italian dessert cakes that will satisfy a sweet tooth. Chocolate and vanilla sponge cakes are layered with a low-fat cocoa filling. Enjoy with a cup of espresso, coffee, or tea, serve as a post-dinner sweet, or pack in a lunch box to end the meal with a smile.


Sugar WHEAT flour (20%) EGGS (17%) Vegetable fats (palm, sunflower in varying proportions) Glucose-fructose syrup Reconstituted Skimmed MILK (8%) Fat-reduced cocoa powder (2.8%) Skimmed MILK powder MILK proteins WHEAT fibre HAZELNUT paste Flavourings Emulsifiers: Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, SOYA lecithins Raising agents: Ammonium carbonates, Sodium carbonates, Diphosphates Salt

9.9 oz (280 grams)


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