Cave de L'abbe Rous Banyuls Wine Vinegar, 16.9 oz

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Banyuls Wine Vinegar is aged for five years in oak barrels

This naturally sweet wine vinegar pairs well with meats, roasted vegetables, salads, and more.

Combine this French wine vinegar with extra virgin olive oil for a delicious salad dressing or marinade.

Made from grapes grown in the French region of Banyuls-sur-Mer, this wine vinegar is aged for five years in oak casks to achieve the ideal flavor. This type of red wine vinegar has a tangy, mildly sweet taste with the aroma of walnuts.

Banyuls vinegar can be used to enhance any number of dishes, including meat, vegetables, salads, and more. Drizzle it over toasted bread with sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese. Serve it on a charcuterie board with fresh fruit and dry-cured meats. Or use a small amount of this gourmet French vinegar to add depth to sauces and stews.


16.9 oz


Product of France



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