Bar Harbor Skinless Boneless Smoked Sardines with Jalapenos, 6.7 oz

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These smoked Bar Harbor Sardines are packed with Jalapenos

Hot peppers give this smoked fish a bold, piquant flavor.

Enjoy these peppery fillets on their own, or use them as salad toppers.

All Bar Harbor seafood is cooked by folks who grew up on the water and has the snap of a brisk offshore breeze. It's as good as you can get to "fresh off the boat." These skinless, boneless sardines are smoked over wood then packed with salt and spicy jalapeno peppers.

Perfect for creative hors d'oeuvres, these smoked sardines go great with cream cheese and capers. They make a delicious substitute for tuna in your favorite recipes. Use them to prepare tasty sandwiches and salads. You can even lightly fry them in olive oil, then toss them in a pasta dish of your choice. Enjoy with a glass of wine or a hard cider.

Naturally smoked sardine fillets, jalapeno peppers, salt. Contains fish. This product is made in a facility that uses milk, wheat, fish and shellfish.

6.7 oz (190g)

Product of Canada

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