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Bomba Rice is an ideal type of rice for paella

This Spanish rice is known for its ability to absorb broths and seasonings.

Bomba rice can be used to prepare a variety of Spanish and Mexican dishes.

Santo Tomas Bomba rice is a firm type of short-grain rice grown in the Valencia region of Spain. Bomba rice absorbs the flavors of any seasoning, enhancing the taste of any dish. Bomba can be used in recipes that call for Valencian rice. Bomba rice recipes are best paired with a bottle of wine for a relaxing evening meal.

Enjoy this Spanish rice in a seafood or chicken paella. Alternatively, try it in a rice pudding with cinnamon, vanilla, and freshly ground nutmeg. Cook it with vegetable broth for a delicious side dish. Or use it as the base for a rice bowl with your favorite proteins and veggies.

You can even try cooking this rice in Spanish rice or Mexican rice dishes with chicken broth, tomato sauce, red bell pepper, and chili powder. Add black beans for an especially hearty recipe.


2.2 lb. Bag


Product of Spain

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