Bechtle Traditional German Bavarian Style Egg Noodles, 1.1 lb.

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Enjoy these German Egg Noodles with gravy or cheese

These Bavarian egg noodles have a pleasantly chewy texture.

Try these noodles with beef or melted cheese and onions.

Bechtle Traditional German Bavarian Style Egg Noodles, also called "Spaetzle," is a staple of German and Austrian cuisine. Simply made with flour and eggs, these small, chewy noodles are typically eaten on the same plate as beef with gravy or goulash, because they are supposed to soak up the heavy sauce.

These traditional German noodles can also make for a meal all its own. Cook them with melted butter and spices for a delectable side dish. The most common way to prepare a German spaetzle recipe is with melted cheese, onions, and herbs.


Cage-free eggs. Pure durum semolina. Non GMO.


1.1 lb.



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