Bel Paese Cheese Wheel, 4.5 lb.

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Bel Paese Cheese has a mild flavor and semi-soft texture

A cow's milk cheese, Bel Paese is a subtle, pleasing choice for any cheese platter or charcuterie board.

This semi-soft Italian cheese has a slightly buttery flavor that makes it a good substitute for mozzarella in certain recipes.

Bel Paese Cheese is a semi-soft cheese produced using cow’s milk. With a name that translates to "beautiful country," this cheese is part of what makes Italy and Italian cuisine so precious. Because Bel Paese Cheese is a very mild cheese, it can be enjoyed with almost any type of wine or dish. This versatile type of cheese can accompany both sweet and savory recipes. Enjoy it on a dessert cheese board.

4.5 lb.


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