Caffe Borbone Nespresso Miscela Decaf Respresso, 100 Capsules

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This Decaf Nespresso Coffee is imported from Italy

This decaf coffee has a rich flavor and aroma.

Pair this decaf Italian coffee with your favorite breakfast pastries.

Caffe Borbone was born in Naples, Italy in 1997, but the company is steeped in rich history. According to legend, Charles III of Spain, a Bourbon king of Sicily, was bewitched by a cup of coffee given to him by friars in Napoli, and soon after Italian coffee culture began to bloom. Whether the legend is true or not, Caffe Borbone is indeed at the helm of the European coffee industry.

Caffe Borbone Nespresso Miscela Decaf Respresso is decaf Italian coffee compatible with Nespresso machines. Enjoy the rich flavor of Italian coffee beans without the caffeine. Stock up on delicious Italian espresso with this pack of 100 capsules!


Decaffeinated Coffee


100 capsules


Product of Italy

*These capsules are only compatible with Nespresso Machines

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