Bialetti Moka Express 2-Cup Mini Stovetop Espresso Maker with Cups

BialettiSKU: YBL021

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This Moka Espresso Maker brews real Italian coffee

Just add ground coffee and water to this stovetop coffee maker.

Coffee brewed with this Moka Express is poured directly into the included coffee cups.

Bialetti has spent the last 100 years becoming an Italian cookware brand that people all over the world admire. Since Alfonso Bialetti opened the business in Crusinallo, Italy, in 1919, the brand has become a household name, most notably for their Bialetti Moka Pot coffee and espresso maker.

With the same two-part design as the original Moka Express, this mini version brews two perfect cups of coffee on the stovetop. Brew as you normally would with a stovetop espresso maker. The only difference is that coffee is served directly into two cups that sit on a special heated aluminum plate.

Compact and easy to use, this coffee maker is perfect for at-home use, or pack it up for your next outdoor adventure. Comes with two red Bialetti cups!

*Hand Wash Only


Product of Italy


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