Biscottelli Lemon Cream Filled Wafer, 8.8 oz

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These Biscottelli Wafers are filled with lemon cream

These Italian wafers are a creamy, slightly crunchy treat, perfect for sharing.

Enjoy with coffee or tea, or serve as part of a light dessert dish after an Italian dinner.

Biscottelli's croissants, wafers, and other pastries offer a sweet taste of Italian food. These bite-sized lemon cream-filled wafers are imported from Italy. Each wafer contains 75% lemon cream, giving them bright, pleasantly tangy flavor notes that are unique to real citrus fruits.

These are perfect snacks for when you're on the go or to enjoy as a convenient dessert. Break into pieces for a delicious ice cream or gelato topping. Or use these Italian cookies to add some visual flair to a yogurt parfait. Pair with espresso, coffee, or even hot chocolate, and enjoy this authentic Italian treat. These delectable lemon cream-filled wafers also make a thoughtful addition to any gift basket with Italian or Mediterranean sweets.

8.8 oz (250g)

Product of Italy

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