Bistefani Krumiri Gocce, 27g

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These Italian Cookies are sweet and crunchy

Dunk these breakfast cookies in a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee.

These cookies make a wonderful addition to a Mediterranean gift basket.

Bistefani Krumiri Gocce are scrumptious Italian cookies. Sweetened with honey, these traditional biscotti are dotted with rich chocolate chips and have a satisfying crunch. Enjoy them with a morning cup of coffee or tea or set them out for hungry snackers at cocktail hour. 

These traditional Italian breakfast cookies pair well with dark chocolate truffles, salted caramels, and a selection of fresh fruit on dessert platters. You can also crumble them over a vanilla bean ice cream sundae or a yogurt parfait with fresh berries. Dip these crunchy cookies in a pot of melted milk chocolate fondue. Or even pair these cookies with a glass of dessert wine for a delectable evening snack.

These cookies are also a thoughtful choice for a gift basket. Pair them with a selection of other Mediterranean sweets and snacks.


Butter, cocoa butter, wheat flour, soy lecithin, salt, sugar, honey, palm oil, cocoa mass 




Product of Italy

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