Borgo de' Medici Black Truffle Flavored Dipping Oil, 8.45 oz

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Black Truffle Dipping Oil is a bold finishing oil

Made from a blend of high-quality sunflower and olive oil with an Italian truffle flavoring.

Drizzle on top of pasta dishes, paninis, and much, much more.

Borgo de Medici celebrates beautiful Tuscan ingredients. Their Truffle Flavored Oil is made with Italian black truffle flavoring and a mix of sunflower oil with extra virgin olive oil.

This black truffle oil gives mashed potatoes and french fries an earthy flavor, makes simple egg dishes more interesting, and provides hot popcorn with a heady taste. Try it on toasted sandwiches, grilled paninis, and even pizza slices. Or simply enjoy it with artisan bread, sea salt, and a glass of your favorite wine, so you can savor every truffle-infused bite.

Sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, black truffle artificial flavor

8.45 oz

Product of Italy

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