Borgo de Medici Black Truffle Sauce, 3.17 oz (90g)

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Black Truffle Sauce adds a bold, earthy flavor to any dish

Black olives and meadow mushrooms balance the intensity of black truffles.

Enjoy on sandwiches, pastas, and more.

Borgo de Medici's Truffle Sauce is an exquisite, dark combination of two Italian culinary gems: black olives and summer truffles. To enhance the delicate earthy flavor of truffles, the product is combined with meadow mushrooms.

This gourmet Italian truffle sauce makes it simple to add exquisite touches to even the most basic foods. You'll be dressing your pasta meals, salads, and even soups with Italian quality with just one spoonful!

Champignon mushrooms, sunflower oil, porcini mushrooms, black olives, dehydrated parsley, salt, summer black truffle, natural vegetable fiber, garlic, acidity regulator: lactic acid, artificial flavor. 

3.17 oz (90g)

Product of Italy

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