Borgo de’ Medici Dried Figs Soft Baked Biscotti, 7 oz

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This Fig Biscotti is a tangy, buttery Italian cookie

Pairs well with a cup of coffee or tea for an Italian breakfast.

Enjoy on its own, or crumble over ice cream or gelato.

Borgo de Medici celebrates the flavors of Tuscany. These soft-baked biscotti are made with dried figs, giving them a honey-like sweetness. These sweet Italian biscuits are perfect for dipping in coffee or black tea. You can even sample them alongside other types of biscotti for an Italian cookie platter.

Crumble these fig biscotti over ice cream, gelato, or even yogurt. Toss them in a parfait with fresh fruit and grated dark chocolate. Or simply soak these soft-baked cookies in a glass of milk. For an evening snack, pair with a bottle of dessert wine.

Wheat flour, dried figs, sugar, eggs, glucose-fructose syrup, butter, leavening agent,

7 oz (200g)

Product of Italy

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