Borgo de' Medici Green Pesto with Basil, 6.7 oz

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This Green Pesto Sauce is made with fresh basil leaves

This pesto is made with grana padano cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and other aromatic ingredients.

This classic basil pesto sauce pairs well with pasta dishes and crostini appetizers.

Borgo de' Medici Green Pesto with Basil is a fresh and piquant sauce. With fresh basil, garlic, and other aromatics, this pesto is a traditional Italian recipe that pairs well with a variety of savory ingredients.

Enjoy this pesto with your favorite variety of pasta. It's delicious with penne rigate, grilled chicken breast, and sun-dried tomatoes. Or try it with linguine and Italian sausage and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Spread this condiment on a crostini appetizer with freshly ground black pepper. Or even use this sauce to simmer chicken and seafood dishes.

You can also add this pesto to a Mediterranean gift basket. Pair it with a selection of other high-quality Italian ingredients.


Basil, sunflower oil, potato flakes, salt, water, grana padano cheese (milk, salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme from egg), cashew, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino romano cheese (milk, salt, rennet), garlic, pine nuts, acidity regulator: glucono delta lactone, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.


6.7 oz (190g)


Product of Italy


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