[Best Before: 08/31/24] Borgo de Medici Tuscan Herb Italian Salt, 5.82 oz (165 g)

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This Tuscan Herb Salt is mixed with Basil and Laurel

Herbs give this sea salt a blend of subtly sweet and bitter flavor notes.

Perfect for pairing with Italian, Spanish, and Greek cuisine.

Borgo de Medici celebrates beautiful Tuscan ingredients in their products, including their Tuscan Herb Italian Salt. This seasoning blend mixes sea salt crystals with traditional herbs such as basil and laurel. Sprinkle this Italian herb salt over salads, pastas, and pizzas for a flavorful enhancement of your favorite Mediterranean dishes. Or use with any meats and vegetables to add a burst of Tuscan flavor.

salt, basil, laurel

5.82 oz (165g)

Product of Italy

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