Borotalco Roberts Talcum Powder, 100g

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Borotalco Roberts Talc Powder is made in Italy

This talcum powder is lightly scented and contains no artificial coloring.

Borotalco Roberts talcum powder leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Italian mothers have trusted Borotalco Roberts bath products for generations. Their Classic Premium Talcum Powder is ideal for babies but can also be used for anyone looking to freshen their skin.

With its absorbent properties, talcum powder allows your pores to breathe naturally and gives skin a smooth feeling. This powder also has a variety of other uses. You can apply it to your hair as a dry shampoo. Prevent blisters by rubbing it on your hands before working with tools. Or use it in a combination with deodorant for long-lasting cleanliness.

Talc powder can also remove odors by absorbing moisture in places that are difficult to thoroughly clean and dry by hand. Its moisture-absorbing properties make it great for treating stains on clothes, carpet, or furniture. And talc keeps ants and other insects away. You can even use talcum powder to help remove sand that's sticking to your skin after a day at the beach.

This talc powder packet is a convenient option for refilling a shaker. Borotalco Roberts 100g Talcum Powder Shaker is also available at Supermarket Italy.




Product of Italy


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