Botticelli Alfredo Pasta Sauce, 14 oz

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This Alfredo Pasta Sauce is rich and creamy

This Alfredo sauce recipe includes ricotta cheese, pecorino cheese, and black pepper.

Pair this classic Italian Alfredo with fettuccine, lasagna, or any of your favorite pasta noodles.

Founded in 2002, Botilleci brings you real Italian ingredients, so you can prepare authentic Mediterranean recipes. With a family history tracing back to farmers and grocers on the island of Sicily, they offer a wide selection of ready-to-heat pasta sauces as well as other Italian food products.

Botticelli White Roman-Style Alfredo Pasta Sauce is made with traditional Italian recipes and fresh Italian ingredients. It's rich, creamy, and savory—just as Alfredo sauce should be. The addition of nutmeg and black pepper give this sauce a subtle warmth that's perfect for hearty dinners.

Add real Italian flavor to all your favorite dishes with this Alfredo sauce. Fresh, buttery cream and Italian cheeses are expertly matched to give comfort meals a wonderful flavor. Try this sauce with fettuccine Alfredo, lasagna, chicken, meatballs, shellfish, and more.


Water, Ricotta Cheese (Whey, Salt, Acidity Corrector: Citric Acid), Cream, Mixed Whole Milk Cheeses (Milk, Salt, Lysozyme, Grana Padano Cheese, Pecorino Cheese, Rennet) 8%, Modified Corn Starch, Sugar, Salt, Glucono Delta-Lactone, Whey Powder, Flavourings, Emulsion: E471, E472, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Black Pepper, Nutmeg Powder.


14 oz


Product of Italy 

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