Bourgogne Escargot Burgundy Escargot, 7.2 oz

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This French Escargot is seasoned with salt and spices

Use this escargot to prepare a variety of classic French dishes.

Try a simple Burgundy escargot recipe with a parsley, butter, and garlic sauce.

For more than 40 years, Bourgogne Escargot has been supplying customers with the finest escargots available. Because all processing takes place within their facilities in Dijon, they are free to exert complete control over the final result, standardizing quality in every batch.

This escargot is packed with salt and spices that complements its natural flavor. You can use this escargot in any recipe that calls for them. Try simmering these Burgundy snails in a sauce with parsley, garlic, butter, and a dry white wine.


Flesh of Wild Snails (Mollusks), Burgundy Snail, Helic Lucorum, Water, Salt, Spices, aromatic plants.


7.2 oz


Product of France


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