Braswell's Blackened Seafood Seasoning, 5.25 oz

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This Seafood Spice Mix is perfect for blackened seafood

This seasoning blend contains onions, garlic, paprika, and other aromatic spices.

Use this spice blend to prepare chicken, fish, and more.

Braswell's Blackened Seafood Seasoning is a fantastic addition to any seafood dish. This spice mix blends the flavors of salt, spices, garlic, paprika, and onion to create a truly unforgettable combination.

Inspired by Cajun seasonings and Creole seasoning mix, this blackened spice blend makes a delicious dry-rub for chicken, fish, and seafood dishes. Coat your choice of protein with melted butter or oil before adding this savory seasoning mix. Enjoy blackened foods such as fish tacos, chicken with rice, and shrimp with asparagus.

You can also use this spice blend in soups and stews. Or even mix it with olive oil for an aromatic marinade that you can use for grilled meats and seafood.


Salt, spices, dehydrated garlic, paprika, dehydrated onion, not more than 2% silicon dioxide added to prevent caking.


5.25 oz (148g)


Product of USA


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