Braswell's Brown Sugar Ham Glaze, 10 oz

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This Brown Sugar Ham Glaze is savory and sweet

Add this glaze to a bone-in ham recipe just before it's done cooking.

Braswell's ham glaze can also be used to flavor other cuts of pork, as well as chicken and beef dishes.

Braswell's Brown Sugar Ham Glaze is a sweet and savory finishing sauce. This brown sugar glaze has a smoky flavor that's perfect for grilled and roasted meats. Spread this glaze over baked ham just before it's finished cooking. Or toss it with the meat as you cut it into bite-sized pieces.

You can use this glaze on leftover ham in a sandwich or panini with fresh herbs. Or use it on other cuts of pork such as chops and tenderloin.

Braswell's Brown Sugar Glaze is also great for chicken and beef recipes. Use it to add an extra layer of flavor to chicken thighs simmered in tomato sauce. Or try this glaze as part of a slow-cooker beef stew with carrots and potatoes.


Brown Sugar (contains Molasses); Vinegar; Mustard Seed; Salt; Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor; Turmeric; Spices; Ascorbic Acid;


10 oz


Product of USA

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