Braswell's Pear Preserves, 10.5 oz

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These Pear Preserves have a rich, sweet flavor

Spread this pear jam recipe on toast, pancakes, crepes, and more.

Add these pear preserves to marinades and sauces for savory meals.

Braswell's Pear Preserves are made from Kiefer and Orient pears grown locally. Crisp, sparkling pears and pure cane sugar are slowly cooked until they reach a rich, amber color. It has a classic homemade flavor that you will be proud to serve.

This pear jam has a classic homemade flavor that pairs well with a variety of recipes. Braswell's Pure Pear Preserves can be spread on buttered biscuits, served on cheese platters, or used as a glaze for pork and poultry. For a sweet dessert, add this jam to a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Try this pear jam on a savory panini or grilled cheese sandwich. Enjoy it as part of a charcuterie board with fresh fruit, artisan crackers, and dry-cured meats like salami and prosciutto. Or even mix these pear preserves with extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar for a zesty salad dressing.


Pears, cane sugar, corn syrup, pectin and citric acid.


10.5 oz


Product of USA


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