Brooklyn Spearmint Chewing Gum - 20 pack

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Brooklyn Gum is an Italian chewing gum

Chewing this long-lasting Italian gum may help freshen your breath.

Enjoy this spearmint chewing gum after meals or while working.

Chasing the post-WWII craze of American chewing gum in Italy, a Milan-based company created Brooklyn chewing gum to be associated with the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Still highly popular in Italy, Brooklyn Spearmint Chewing Gum is refreshing and long-lasting. Enjoy the taste of spearmint and get fresh breath all at once!

Aside from the pleasant taste, there are a number of reasons to enjoy Brooklyn gum. Some people find that chewing gum while working or studying can help them focus. Others enjoy it as an alternative to candies with more empty calories. Gum can also be used to help control your caloric intake since it gives the sensation of chewing without adding a significant amount of calories to your diet.


sugar, base gum, glucose syrup, stabilizers: sorbitol, glycerol, mannitol, flavorings, emulsifier: lecithin (soya), colour: E150b flavor enhancer: aspartame, antioxidant: E321.


20 Packages of Gum


Product of Italy

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