Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce, 6 oz

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This Jamaican Pepper Sauce is made with Scotch Bonnets

This Jamaican hot sauce recipe has an intense spice level and bold flavor.

Enjoy this chili pepper sauce with grilled meats, seafood, rice dishes, and much more.

Try it if you dare! Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce is made with Scotch Bonnet peppers, guaranteed to add fiery flavor — and possibly make your eyes water! Add this hot sauce bottle to a gift basket for any special occasion.

A traditional Jamaican seasoning, this Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce goes on everything from fish to morning scrambled eggs. Try a dash of this sauce on grilled chicken or pork for an intensely spicy dish with a flavor to match. Just make sure you’re ready before you start drizzling this authentic Jamaican hot sauce!


Water, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Cane Vinegar, Starch, Salt, Approved Spices, Grapefruit Seed Extract.


Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce - 6 fl oz


Product of Jamaica

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