Caffe Borbone Crema Fredda Cold Coffee Cream, 550g

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This Cold Coffee Cream is a delicious Italian dessert

This coffee dessert has a rich and creamy texture similar to ice cream.

Pair this coffee cream with breakfast pastries, biscotti, or dark chocolate.

Caffe Borbone Crema Fredda Cold Coffee Cream is an Italian coffee dessert that's similar to ice cream. Simply pour this creamy dessert in a cup or mug and enjoy. You can also add shaved chocolate, ground cinnamon, or freshly grated nutmeg. Or even pour in a shot of hot coffee for a dish that's similar to affogato.


Milk 60%, cream 23%, sugar, instant coffee 1.2%, modified corn starch, modified tapioca starch, carrageenan thickener. Lactose less than 0.1% as a result of its splitting into glucose and galactose.


550g - Makes 7 portions


Product of Italy


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