Caffe Vergnano Crema '800 Beans - 2.2 lbs

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This Espresso Crema coffee is chocolaty and bold

Caffe Vergnano Coffee has been family-owned since 1882.

You can use any espresso machine to brew this fine ground coffee.

Caffè Vergnano Crema '800 Beans come to you from Piedmont, Italy. Caffè Vergnano Crema '800 Beans were first produced in 1882, and the same Vergnano family has been making this coffee for four generations.

All of the coffee beans that go into making this dark roast coffee are handpicked from the Guatemalan and Nicaraguan plateaus. This freshly roasted Italian coffee has a round, chocolate flavor with some sweetness. While the aroma is intense, the drink itself is smooth. Wake up with a shot of this espresso from Piedmont!

Central American Arabica Coffee Beans, Asiatic Robusta Coffee Beans

2.2 lb bag

Product of Italy

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