Calabro Smoked Scamorza Cheese, 1.25 lb. (average)

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This robust Scamorza Cheese is smoked over hardwood

Similar to mozzarella, this smoky cheese can be added to your favorite hot foods, or enjoyed plain.

Pair with cured charcuterie board meats like salami and Spanish chorizo.

Produced in the United States, Calabro Smoked Scamorza Cheese is a semi-soft Italian cheese made from whole cow's milk and smoked over mixed hardwoods. Scamorza has a consistency akin to a firm mozzarella and melts similarly, so it will be an excellent choice as a pizza topping or shaved over a salad.

Slice this pear-shaped and enjoy it with fresh fruit on a cheese board. Or serve this smoky cow's milk cheese alongside salty olives and cured prosciutto on a charcuterie platter for your next holiday gathering. You can even savor grilled Scamorza, or melt this type of cheese over a pizza like you would with mozzarella.

cultured milk, rennet, enzymes, salt

1.5 lb. (average)

Product of USA

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