Callipo Solid Light Tuna Underbelly Ventresca in Olive Oil, 4.4 oz

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Enjoy this tender Callipo Tuna Underbelly

Yellow-fin tuna fillets are packed in olive oil, preserving their flavor.

Add this tuna fish to salads, pastas, and other Mediterranean dishes.

The underbelly is the best and most tender part of the yellowfin tuna. Callipo Solid Light Tuna Underbelly Ventresca in Olive Oil undergoes a strict processing cycle, from the selection of the pieces to the cleaning, steam cooking, and packaging. Callipo produces this gourmet seafood product according to their own company's century-old tradition of doing everything by hand. Based out of the Southern Italian region of Calabria, Callipo sources only the finest yellowfin tuna.

This light pink fish has multiple health benefits such as being a great source of lean protein. Enjoy for lunch, snacks, and dinner dishes. For an Italian tuna salad sandwich, combine this fish in a mixing bowl with red onion, lemon juice, and mayonnaise. Finish with salt and pepper along with an olive oil dressing. You can use any extra virgin olive oil, or the oil from the container itself!

Net Weight:
4.4 oz


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