Cameo Baking Powder, 80g

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This Baking Powder works for all types of doughs

Use this leavening agent to add volume and lighten the texture of baked goods.

Try it in any recipe that calls for baking powder.

Cameo is an Italian brand that specializes in cakes, pizzas, and desserts. Use Cameo baking powder to leaven all types of dough and enjoy your favorite homemade recipes!

This container includes five 16-gram packets—just the right amount of baking powder for many bread and cake recipes. These individually sealed packets also help the powder remain potent over time.

Unlike yeast, this powder works instantly. It also doesn't have a noticeable flavor after baking, meaning it's great for cakes and other sweet recipes. Baked goods rise quickly with this trusted leavening agent from Italy.

Add this Cameo product to a gift basket along with Italian flour for anyone who enjoys baking at home.


5 packets, 16 g each


Product of Itlay.


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