Cameo Zafferano Oro, 4 Italian Saffron Powder Bags (0.125 g each)

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This Italian Saffron Powder is a fragrant seasoning

These ground saffron threads pair well with risotto dishes, pasta, and other savory recipes.

Try a dash of saffron in dessert dishes to add a sweet and earthy flavor.

Cameo Zafferano Oro Italian Saffron Powder is a convenient way to flavor your recipes with one of the world's most expensive spices. Use this aromatic saffron powder to flavor rice dishes, fish soups, pasta, and much more. This saffron powder makes a great addition to a gift basket for someone who enjoys Mediterranean cooking.

This extremely versatile spice has a golden color, giving recipes an appetizing appearance. Try a traditional Italian risotto recipe with a dash of saffron. Give stews and pasta sauces a rich fragrance. Or even add this ground saffron to a luxurious dessert dish such as a creamy saffron milk cake.




4 Italian Saffron Powder Bags (0.125 g each)


Product of Italy

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