Caravel Gourmet Spicy Salt Sampler, 6 Tins (0.5 oz each)

Caravel GourmetSKU: SSSP01.CG

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This Spicy Salt Assortment makes a thoughtful gift

This sea salt sampler includes six varieties in reusable tins.

Mix these salts into savory recipes, or enjoy them as finishing salts.

Caravel Gourmet Spicy Salt Sampler, 6 Tins is packed with heat! These gourmet sea salts are perfect for the spicy food lover in your life. This high-quality salt gift set provides you with hot seasonings in a range of spice levels and flavor profiles.

Try out Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Jalapeño, Cajun, Hot Curry, and Spicy Garlic. A little will go a long way in tacos, grilled meats, and cocktails.


6 reusable tins. 0.5 oz each


Product of USA

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