Casarecci Flavored Salt with Basil, 7 oz

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This Herbal Salt is flavored with dried basil

This basil and salt blend is a convenient way to add authentic Mediterranean flavor to a wide range of recipes.

Use this basil-infused salt in meat, seafood, and vegetarian recipes.

Casarecci Sale al Basilico is a flavored salt with basil, an extremely important and common herb in Italian cooking. This one-of-a-kind Italian salt can be used to enhance the flavor of many savory recipes, especially those from the Mediterranean region.

Toss this basil sea salt with extra virgin olive oil, lemon zest, and wine vinegar to make a robust salad dressing or marinade. Use this herb salt as a finishing salt for grilled vegetables. Or add this salt mixture with dried herbs to a tomato sauce recipe for pasta, pizza, or stews.

You can even use this basil salt as a topping for a crostini appetizer with sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese. Or mix it with olive oil and crushed garlic for a quick dipping condiment that's great on charcuterie boards.


Salt, basil


200 grams (7 oz)


Product of Italy

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