Cascina Oschiena Classic Arborio Rice, 18 oz

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This Italian Arborio Rice has a naturally creamy texture

Cook arborio rice in savory risotto or paella recipes.

This white rice variety is perfect for a sweet and indulgent rice pudding.

Arborio is a classic variety of rice, with a large pearled grain and ideal for the best preparations of risotto. It gives a natural creaminess when blended with any ingredient. The “Classic” distinction guarantees this is an ancient variety of Arborio, and Cascina Oschiena is one of only five farms in Italy to do so.

Risotto is possibly most well known as risotto rice, but you can also use it to make paella, stews, soups, and other savory dishes. If you have any of this Italian variety of rice left over after a big dinner, use it to make a pot of rice pudding with sugar and warm spices!


18 oz (500g)


Product of Italy


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