Cascina Oschiena Classic Arborio Rice, 2.2 Lbs

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This Arborio Rice is an ancient Italian variety

With a high starch content that allows it to soak up broths, arborio is one of the most popular risotto rices.

Try this short-grain rice in sweet rice puddings.

Arborio is a classic variety of rice, with a large pearled grain and ideal for the best preparations of risotto. This Italian rice gives a natural creaminess when blended with any ingredient.

The “Classic” distinction guarantees this is an ancient rice variety of Arborio. Cascina Oschiena is one of only five farms in Italy to grow this type of rice.

Combine this rice with vegetable or chicken broth, parmesan cheese, and aromatic vegetables for a risotto recipe with a creamy texture and rich flavor. Add a finishing olive oil, black truffle, or red pepper flakes for an even more robust dish. Or use leftover cooked arborio rice to make a delectable rice pudding.


2.2 Lbs (1kg) 


Product of Italy

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