Ritrovo Selections Casina Rossa Mushroom and Truffle Spread, 3.2 oz (100g)

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A luxurious spread made from a blend of delectable white truffle essence, black truffle essence, musk mushrooms, chiodini mushrooms, salt, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. This aromatic spread can be added to a myriad of dishes to enhance the culinary flavors with the earthy, distinctive tones of truffles. Spread it on Italian breads like bruschetta or crostini as an appetizer, upgrade sandwiches and burgers by either using it as a topping or mixed into the meat patty, enhance your mushroom pizza with this spread on top or elevate your pasta mixed into a cream sauce. This spread is also a delicious treat when paired with savory cheeses. Add this gourmet spread to your culinary adventures today!

Musk Mushrooms (36%), Chiodini Mushrooms (35%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (26%), Salt, Vinegar, Black Truffle (Tuber Aestivum),Natural Flavors, Truffle Essences (0.5%)

Once opened, the jar must be covered with extra virgin olive oil and kept in refrigerator.

3.2 oz (100g)

Product of Italy

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