Casino di Caprafico Lentils, 17.6 oz

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These Italian Lentils are nutritious and flavorful

This rustic lentil bag makes a great pantry staple for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cooking.

Use these lentils in soups, salads, and much more.

Casino di Caprafico Lentils are Italian lentils shipped in a rustic bag. Eating lentils is a great way to add more fiber, proteins, and vitamins to your diet. You can enjoy a wide variety of lentil recipes, from quick side dishes to hearty lentil soups.

Try cooking lentils with fresh herbs and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper. Add these lentils to an aromatic vegetable broth made with onions, carrots, and celery. Or make a fresh lentil salad with crumbled cheese, seasonal vegetables, and your dressing of juice.

For a traditional Italian New Year's Eve dinner, serve lentils with cotechino sausage. This savory meal is meant to bring good luck.




17.6 oz (500g)


Product of Italy

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