Cento Organic Double Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube, 4.56 oz

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This Italian Tomato Paste is double-concentrated

Use this pantry staple to add an intense tomato flavor to fresh tomato sauces, soups, chili, and more.

Use this USDA-certified organic paste to prepare a homemade tomato spread for crostini, grilled cheese, or paninis.

Cento Organic Double Concentrated Tomato Paste is a traditional mix of whole, ripe tomatoes that have been softly ground into a thick, rich paste. They're a tasty addition to any soup, sauce, or stew you make at home.

Add concentrated tomato flavor to savory stews and chili dishes. Toss it in a classic pizza sauce recipe. Try it in a one-pan rice and beans dish. Give your slow-cooked meats a burst of tomato flavor. Or even heat this organic tomato paste with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and basil for a delicious spread that's great on crostini appetizers.


Tomato paste, salt


4.56 oz (130g)


Product of Italy

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