Cento Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9 oz

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This Cento Olive Oil is 100% organic

Use this organic olive oil for both cooking and flavoring recipes.

This extra virgin olive oil is great for preparing dishes from Italy, Greece, and other Mediterranean countries.

Cento Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created from the finest organically cultivated and carefully picked olives. This olive oil is produced without chemical fertilizers, preservatives, solvents, or additives.

This high-quality oil retains the maximum levels of tastes and nutrients by protecting its powerful antioxidants and heart-healthy polyphenols. This everyday use oil will become your new "go-to" for cooking.

You can also try this Italian EVOO in a salad dressing with white wine vinegar. Or drizzle it over a crostini appetizer with charcuterie meats.


Extra virgin olive oil


16.9 oz (500mL)


Product of Italy 


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