Central Moliterno Cheese, 12 lb.

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Moliterno is a hard Pecorino Cheese with a sharp taste

This Italian cheese is a type of pecorino sardo from Sardinia.

For a gourmet charcuterie board, serve with prosciutto and Italian mortadella.

A pecorino cheese made from sheep's milk, Central Moliterno is a hard cheese from the island of Sardinia. This sharp, somewhat salty cheese is ideal for grating over pasta dishes, or for enjoying as a table cheese. The bulk 12 lb size of this cheese wheel is ideal for delis, restaurants, large families and special occasions.

Try using this cheese instead of pecorino romano for your next cacio e pepe. Or enjoy it on an Italian cheese board alongside other types of cheese such as pecorino siciliano, grana padano, and parmigiano reggiano. Pair this premium pecorino with a bold red wine.

12 lb.

Product of Italy

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