Chanteclair White Musk Scent Fabric Softener, 33.8 oz

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Chanteclair Fabric Softener leaves laundry soft and fresh

This white musk-scented fabric softener has a light, refreshing, and long-lasting fragrance.

This exclusive formula is an effective cleaner for clothes, sheets, and other types of laundry.

Chanteclair began with a Frenchman by the name of Monsieur Auguste Roustan in Marseille in 1900. His patented soap made with natural ingredients was the start of a house cleaning supplies company that would expand to Italy and become a household name in Europe. But it wasn’t until 1997 that Chanteclair’s classic cube bar soap would be transformed into liquid laundry soap — the first of its kind in Italy! After that, the brand’s range of house cleaning supplies grew exponentially.

Trusted in laundry rooms in Italy and around the world, Chanteclair household products combine refreshing scents with effective cleaning solutions. Use this musk-scented fabric softener on sheets, clothes, towels, and more. Its aroma is similar to what you may find in high-end perfumes.

Chanteclair White Musk Scent Fabric Softener will keep clothes and other fabrics feeling soft and fresh. As an added bonus, the bright white flower fragrance makes your wash smell good too! Pair with a Chanteclair white musk detergent and see the difference in your next laundry load. This 1000-ml container contains enough fabric softener for about 50 loads of laundry, making it an affordable choice with a luxurious quality.



33.8 oz (1000 ml)


Product of Italy

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