Cirio Chick Peas, 13 oz

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These Italian Chick Peas are flavored with brine

Enjoy these garbanzo beans in soups, stews, and other recipes.

Combine with tahini, lemon, and garlic for a delicious hummus dip.

Cirio Chick Peas are preserved in brine. Flavored with nothing more than salted water using a completely natural method of brining, these chick peas are tender and ready to eat. Use them to prepare any chickpea recipes, from comfort food to gourmet cuisine.

Add these garbanzo beans to savory soups and stews. Give a fresh salad some extra texture. Use these chickpeas to make hummus by mashing or blending them into a paste. Or simply roast these traditional Italian chickpeas with olive oil for a delicious side dish. You can even toss them in a pasta recipe for some added texture.

Want to share Mediterranean cuisine with a friend or family member? Make this jar of chick peas part of a gift basket for a holiday, birthday, or any other occasion.


Chick pea, water, salt


13 oz (350g)


Product of Italy

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