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Cavatelli Pasta is ideal for hearty sauces

This type of Italian pasta is traditionally made in the region of Calabria.

Enjoy your favorite Italian pasta recipes like never before with this unique pasta.

Colacchio Cavatelli is pasta made in the taste and tradition of Calabria, Italy. Made from semolina flour, this Italian pasta is a small pasta with rolled edges and an open center, perfect for holding lots of delicious Italian sauce! For this reason, Colacchio Cavatelli pasta is best served with thick, hearty pasta sauces and meat sauces.

Alternatively, you can enjoy this classic Italian pasta in soups and stews. Use it to prepare a pasta salad with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Or even cook it with your favorite melting cheeses for an Italian dish that satisfies any craving for comfort food.

Feel free to use this cavatelli in any classic pasta recipe. You could even try a cacio e pepe-inspired dish with pecorino cheese and a generous serving of black pepper! Pair a cavatelli pasta dish with your preferred bottle of wine or a sparkling cider for a relaxing meal.

Know someone who loves exploring Italian or Mediterranean cuisine? Add this bag of Calabrian pasta to a gift basket for a holiday, birthday, or other special occasion.


500 grams (1.1 lbs)


Product of Italy

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