Colacchio Freselline Integrali Caserecce With Chili Pepper, 17.6 oz

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This Chili Pepper Bread has a piquant flavor

Pair this Italian pepper bread with your favorite soups, stews, and chili recipes.

Top this bread with cream cheese, parmesan, or melted mozzarella for a delectable appetizer.

Colacchio Freselline Integrali Caserecce with Chili Pepper is an Italian bread baked with hot peppers. It has a crisp texture and warm, peppery flavor that's delicious warmed or at room temp.

This bread is delicious when paired with hearty stews and creamy soups. Or top it with freshly grated parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. You can also enjoy this type of Italian bread with a high-quality cheddar cheese, dry-cured meats, and olives on a charcuterie platter.


55% wholemeal soft wheat flour, “0” soft wheat flour, water, salt, brewer's yeast


500g (17.6 oz)


Product of Italy

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